Guns Sept 1972 Dirty Harry Issue

Guns, September 1972 Issue
Guns Sept 1972 Dirty Harry Clint Eastwood Issue

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This is an extremely difficult issue of Guns magazine to come by. The magazine features the .44 Magnum, which is the revolver that Clint Eastwood used in the movie, Dirty Harry.

Finest in the firearms field
September 1972
Vol. XVIII, No. 2-09

In this issue:

5 Shooters Club of America
10 Handloading Bench
12 Man in Washington
14 Handgunning
16 Paint Blank
20 The Sten Gun
24 Ithaca's Model 51
26 Kleinguenther's .22 Imports
28 Rifle and Load Game Field Tests
30 Non-Lethal Weapons and the Law
32 Do-It-Yourself
34 The Revolver Rifles
37 Dirty Harry and the .44 Magnum
40 Texas History of a Colt

42 The Guns of Doc Holliday
44 Antique Arms of South America
55 Shopping with Guns
60 Pull
77 Gun of the Month Contest

Emphasis on the .44 Magnum (Dirty Harry)

GUNS Magazine is an FMG Publication

In association with Publishers Development Corporation

Published in 1972

This magazine is in Excellent Condition
Photos of actual magazine included
80 pages