Gary Miller, WMD Author

Gary Miller has been a life-long resident of the Stark County area of Ohio, where most of his professional career was devoted to the field of industrial wholesale electronic supplies where he was employed in both sales and purchasing. Gary served six years in the Ohio Air National Guard as a telephone installer repairman.

For recreation, he participated in the shooting sports of handgun, high-powered rifle, and trap shooting. And with a strong appreciation of animals of all kinds, western horsemanship became one of his favorite activities. But he considers earning his private pilot's license as one of his most satisfying accomplishments.

Now in his retirement years, photography has become an avenue to capture memories (old and new) of classic and vintage airplanes and motor vehicles, and to take some time occasionally to write about these and other topics as related to his Christian views and our American heritage. 

Gary Miller, Author and WMD Partner 
Western Magazine Digest (WMD)

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DISCLAIMER: Gary Miller is NOT an expert or a professional in any of the subjects and activities presented in his blog posts. "My comments are based on my views gained from past experiences and from studies related to these subjects and activities, and upon input given to me by people (both professional and non-professional) who have also been involved in these activities," says Gary. "My posts are NOT to be interpreted in any way as advice. Anyone who chooses to participate in any of the activities represented in my posts should seek the advice of professional trainers and instructors."

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