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Christopher Robinson is a writer, filmmaker and musician in New Jersey who has contributed to several magazines and websites, such as and

In addition, he contributed research and content to the making of the following two reference guides: 1) When Animals Attack: The 70 Best Movies With Killer Animals, and 2) Strange Blood: 71 Essays on Offbeat and Underrated Vampire Movies, both edited by Vanessa Morgan.

Robinson also worked as a cameraman, videographer, cable access TV host, teacher and producer. He scripted and produced commercial videos as well as cable television programs for local consumption.

Evil Seeds by Vanessa Morgan (image)
Christopher Robinson is a contributor to 
"Evil Seeds" by Vanessa Morgan.
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He enjoys movies of all kinds and considers the western the ultimate genre for cinema storytelling.
"I enjoy writing realistic, convincing stories involving western figures as well as famous television and movie actors," says Christopher Robinson. "My work in Western Magazine Digest gives me the opportunity to share my interest and fascination with the fascinating world of the Old West."
To connect with Christopher, send an email to, or visit his personal WebLog: Click Here.

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