Allan Colombo, WMD Publisher

Al Colombo is the publisher of Western Magazine Digest. His background in the publishing field dates back to 1986. His work online began with the formation of TpromoCom of Canton, Ohio, in 1995. 
Al Colombo, Publisher

"Horses, dogs, cats, guns, and everything in between were  part of my daily life as a child living in the rural countryside near Waynesburg, Ohio. However, my love for the West began with well known western cowboys on television, like The Lone Ranger, Have Gun Will Travel, Gene Autry, Sky King, Gun Smoke, Roy Rogers, Cheyenne, Maverick, The Rebel and others," says Al. "My love for Western Movies  increased the older I got. My father was an incessant lover of westerns as well so there was always a shoot'em up western happening on television or in a local movie house we'd go to."

The Western Magazine Digest is essentially a labor of love. We invite anyone with anything to say concerning any aspect of western life to feel free to comment or send an email. If you'd like to publish an article or commentary of your own on our web log, please send it to

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