Tuesday, July 20, 2021

INSP: County Line

By Christopher RobinsonWMD Senior Editor

A spike of violent crime shakes a small
midwestern town to its core with its fate in the hands of a near-washed up ex-lawman in INSP’s original action-mystery, County Line.

After a year in retirement where he has retreated to the simple joys of pig farming, Alden Rockwell (Tom Wopat), a widower, Marine vet and Maksville’s former sheriff, is unceremoniously thrust into dangerous and complex police work in the wake of several robberies, shootouts and assassination attempts plaguing the area. One such shooting gravely injures York County sheriff Clint Thorne (Jeff Fahey), Alden’s old Vietnam buddy and best friend.

At the insistence of Clint’s distraught but pragmatic wife, Jordan (Dendrie Taylor), the emotionally burdened Alden agrees to go over the heads of York’s inept deputies and act as a P.I., investigating the dire incidents which are seemingly connected by a ubiquitous triangular symbol popping up on cars, graffiti, tattoos and other places.

Complicating matters is the fact that much of this action occurs on the border of the two towns where York’s police force is now compromised and Maksville’s is headed up by a much different sheriff, Preston (Grant Goodeve), who once looked up to Alden but now holds his job.

Alden’s search soon uncovers blackmail, bribery and corruption as he heads further into the investigation’s treacherous depths. Eventually his world seems to crumble around him and the seasoned warrior realizes that even he cannot win this fight alone.

County Line will air on Friday, July 23rd at 3PM ET. Find out where to watch: https://www.insp.com/

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