Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Wild West Chronicles— Stagecoach Mary

By Christopher RobinsonWMD Senior Editor

In INSP’s latest episode of Wild West Chronicles, the life of Mary Fields (Cammie Middleton)
is presented in a touching and entertaining story highlighted by themes of friendship, perseverance and courage.

Sister Amadeus (Roslyn Gentle) is invited to Bat Masterson’s (Jack Elliott) ‘Chronicles’ office for her unique recollections on Bat’s new subject. She explains how she met Mary and hired her as a nanny and maid at her convent. The nun and the tomboyish former slave begin an unlikely friendship until the day Sister Amadeus is relocated to a Montana mission.

Once word reaches Mary that Sister Amadeus has pneumonia and may not survive, Mary travels to the mission and insists upon caring for her ailing friend, aiding her with a home remedy and staying by her bedside for a week and a half.

To the astonishment and joy of the other sisters at the mission, Sister Amadeus makes a full recovery and attributes it to her friend and her unorthodox ways. But despite the incident and her role in helping build the mission into a success, the authorities dismisses Mary on account of her hard drinking and brawling reputation.

To Sister’s surprise, Mary remains in Montana and takes a challenging job as a U.S. stage line postal carrier. One day she is held up by the same road agents that previously roughed up one of her drinking buddies. The cocky outlaws think Mary will easily hand over a strong box containing a large payroll but— to say they underestimate the spunky driver is an understatement, at best.

An enjoyable and thoughtful look at an incomparable western figure often forgotten by historians. This installment is must-see viewing and a worthy addition to the Wild West Chronicles pantheon. 
It will air Sunday, June 20th at 5:30PM ET.

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