Monday, June 7, 2021

Wild West Chronicles— The Hunt for Outlaw Bill Doolin

By Christopher Robinson
WMD Senior Editor

Another incredible true tale of the Wild West is detailed to Bat Masterson (Jack Elliott) by his own former deputy, Bill Tilghman who recollects the time he aided in tracking down the outlaw killer Bill Doolin and his notorious Wild Bunch.

Tilghman begins his story with the formation of a posse of marshals in Oklahoma Territory set to bring in Doolin, led by lawman Heck Thomas. Thomas is aggressively reluctant to rely on outside assistance with tensions running high among the uneasy alliance but they soon unite to carry out their shared mission.

A chance encounter in a ‘hot springs’ provides a lone Tilghman with an opportunity to capture Doolin (Joshua Feinman) alive, but only after some tense moments that end with Tilghman getting the jump on the crafty outlaw.

Unfortunately, while Thomas and Tilghman are away from their jail, Doolin overcomes the other marshal and escapes, leading them on another manhunt in the dark cover of night.

The relentless determination and courage of the Old West’s U.S. Marshals is portrayed suitably in a gritty and riveting episode which delivers on action, suspense and historical narrative.

The Hunt for Outlaw Bill Doolin will premiere this Sunday, June 13th at 5:30PM ET and re-air Friday, June 18th at 11PM ET. Find out where to watch.

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