Thursday, May 27, 2021

Wild West Chronicles— Blue Eyed Apache

By Christopher Robinson, WMD Senior Editor

A gripping installment of INSP’s western series tells the powerful story of Herman Lehmann, a youth who lived in both white and Indian worlds and was noted for participating in a number of violent raids on the western frontier.

Augusta Lehmann (Olivia Dunkley) requests a meeting with Bat Masterson (Jack Elliott) at her home where she wishes to set her son’s controversial story straight once and for all.

She recounts to Bat the day her children were playing on their land in Texas when Apaches rode in, swiftly capturing 10-year old Herman (Reagan Bryce) and his little brother and taking off before their parents could interfere.

The Lehmanns hope, pray and seek assistance from authorities but only their younger son is returned after an early escape and eight years pass before they see Herman again.

During his time with the Apaches, Herman is raised by a brave named Carnoviste (Tommy Wolfe) and his wife Laughing Eyes (Cami Storm) until Carnoviste is murdered by a medicine man (Sam Bearpaw) who believes the white outsider to be bad luck. 

Herman (Cavin Mohrhardt) avenges his adopted father and is instructed by Laughing Eyes to flee their camp. This turn of events leads Herman to join the Comanches, live on a reservation in Indian Territory and finally be escorted back to his family and home in Texas.

Herman Lehmann’s fascinating and touching story is delivered with emotional performances and authentic style.

Blues Eyed Apache will premiere this Sunday, May 30th at 5:30PM ET and re-air Friday, June 4th at 11PM ET. Find out where to watch:

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