Monday, May 10, 2021

Wild West Chronicles-Bat Masterson and the Dodge City Dead Line: Part 2

By Christopher Robinson, WMD Senior Editor

Another rollicking and nail-biting episode of INSP’s biography series takes off with tensions and temperatures running high. Previously, a heartbroken and enraged Bat Masterson (Jack Elliott) had taken off in pursuit of a reckless and nihilistic killer, Spike Kenedy (Dan Milam).

When Edgar (Tom Gelo), Bat’s copy boy, returns to the news office, he is accompanied by his wife (Jessica Lynn Parsons) who wants the rest of Bat’s tortured story while he’s still willing to give it.

Bat further expounds on how he and Wyatt Earp had agreed that Kenedy must be brought in for fatally wounding “the greatest talent to come through Dodge”, Dora Hand as they ride through the Kansas darkness on Kenedy’s trail. A grief-stricken Bat eventually corners the outlaw, first winging him and then mustering all of his strength to keep from finishing him off.

Bringing the convict back across the ‘dead line’, Bat and Wyatt find the matter is far from resolved when a small but determined lynch mob threatens to overtake them and abscond with their prisoner. Wyatt’s promise to the group that Kenedy will hang is soon rendered empty after a judge hears Kenedy’s case and frees him on a lack of evidence.

Another must-see installment of the series is told with copious helpings of action and style. The anguish and disappointments of an emotionally attached lawman driven to dangerous paths is aptly depicted along with dramatically tense performances to boot.

Bat Masterson and the Dodge City Dead Line: Part 2 will premiere this coming Sunday, May 16th at 5:30PM ET and re-air Friday, May 21st at 11PM ET. Find out where to watch:

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