Saturday, May 8, 2021

Wild West Chronicles- Bat Masterson and the Dodge City Dead Line: Part 1

By Christopher Robinson, WMD Senior Editor

his installment of INSP’s entertaining western biography series focuses on lawman Bat Masterson (Jack Elliott) as he begins making a name for himself taming the rough-and-tumble frontier town of Dodge City, Kansas during its wildest and roughest days. 

Facing a dearth of inspiration for his news column, Masterson is coaxed by his copy boy, Edgar (Tom Gelo) into recounting his experiences in Dodge when he joined forces with Wyatt Earp and faced down the menacing outlaw Spike Kenedy (Dan Milam).

Kenedy, a bratty yet formidable son of a powerful local rancher, becomes a considerable foe of Masterson’s as he tackles marshaling while managing his interests in the local Alhambra Saloon. After being introduced by Earp to the Alhambra’s star singer, Dora Hand, Masterson soon becomes protective of Dora in a capacity beyond matters of mere business.

Eventually the situation proves inevitably volatile and Kenedy opts not to take Masterson’s advice to “Get out of Dodge.” When Masterson and Earp discover that Kenedy has viciously attacked Dora, the furious Masterson rides off to settle the score for good.

An exciting glimpse into one of Bat Masterson’s lesser known exploits makes for another tense and gripping episode leaving viewers in proper anticipation of its conclusion.

Bat Masterson and the Dodge City Dead Line: Part 1 will premiere this coming Sunday, May 9th at 5:30PM ET and re-air Friday, May 14th at 11PM ET. Find out where to watch:

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