Sunday, December 27, 2020

Greetings all you horse rustlers - gunslingers - lovely cowgirls - Confederate soldiers!

By Al Colombo, WMD Publisher

It's time to talk about where we're headed, and this seems as good a time as ever to do that. Life's been a bit tough for many of us on planet Earth over the last year. For many of us, the "new normal" is not as exciting and fun as the "normal normal," but it appears that this fact has fallen on deft ears as the "powers that be" are hellbent in seeing this lockdown through to the bitter end. 

So, let's dream a bit. Let's escape to the past for a few moments...

Apache Territory Movie Review

WMD author Christopher Robinson provides us with a review of the 1958 thriller, Apache Territory, staring Rory Calhoun. This Western flick is about "A cowboy [that] sets out to try to stop an Indian war and rescue a white woman captured by the Apaches." In the end, you can read Christopher's review here, click here!

The legend of “Stagger Lee” 

According to, Cecil Brown recounts the story of "how the real 'Stag' Lee became an iconic figure in African American folklore and how his story became the subject of various musical renderings 'from the [age of the] steamboat to the electronic age in the American 21st century.' The most famous of those musical renditions were 1928’s 'Stack O’ Lee Blues' by Mississippi John Hurt and 1959’s 'Stagger Lee,' an unlikely #1 pop hit for Lloyd Price. Versions of the story have also appeared, however, in songs by artists as wide-ranging as Woody Guthrie, Duke Ellington, Bob Dylan, James Brown, The Clash, the Grateful Dead and Nick Cave." More? Click Here!

10 Horrifying Stories of Life in The Wild West

"While the Wild West wasn't quite the world of gunslingers and desperadoes  portrayed in movies, it was still a dangerous place. With law enforcement often miles away, criminals flourished, and people were left to take matters into their own hands--often with terrifying results."

The first story, entitled The People Under the Floor, which took place in 1870, is an interesting read. Do I have to spell things out for you here? :-) Let's just say that things didn't always turn out so good for people who came in contact with the protagonist. But not to worry, Good always triumphs over Evil. 

The second story, entitled Clay Allison's War Dance, is somewhat a counter story to that of the first. The protagonist, Clay Allision, was considered to be one of the most murderous men in Elizabethtown, New Mexico. In fact, he led the mob that ended up cutting off the head of the protagonist featured in the first story. 

I'm not going to tell you about the other eight unbelievable stories of the old west in this collection, you're going to have to read them for yourself: Click Here

Cadwallader, Chapter 3

The third chapter of T.K. Hugh's Cadwallader is ready for your reading enjoyment. You will find it both interesting and entertaining. If you recall, toward the end of Chapter 2, Ben Cadwallader visited his home in the South where he'd spend time fighting as a Confederate sharpshooter. After nearly 4 years, he took a hankering to visit his childhood home, which wasn't far away. 

When he arrived, he found a Spencer .56 caliber pointed at his chest with a black man behind it. Unfortunately, his father wasn't there as he'd been murdered about two years prior. Ben decides he didn't want to linger any longer in the South anyway, so he headed out West where he expected to find excitement and fortune.   

Chapter 3 begins by returning us to our protagonist as he struggles to find his way through the hot New Mexico desert to civilization. Well, instead of listening to me flap my lips about it,  perhaps it's time you read it for yourself: Click Here!

That's it for now!  Be sure to tune in next Sunday at 8 a.m. when Christopher Robinson will bring you another full length feature story!  --Al Colombo

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