Sunday, November 1, 2020

Movie Reviews, Looking for Writers, WMD Puzzles, and Martin Grams' Upcoming Book

Greetings, all you Cowboys, American Indians, Cowgirls, Cowpokes, and Lawmen! You know who you are! This is an 'Inbetween Issue' of Western Magazine Digest and we have several interesting things to chat about.

1. WMD's Looking for Writers
You know, it's not easy to find quality writers in the Western Genre. They're not easy to find as they appear to be a dying breed. For this reason, we're willing to work with anyone who enjoys writing in this historic venue. If that's you, or if you know someone who might be interested in joining the WMD Team of writers, send us an email at: Put "Interested in Writing" in the Subject line and we'll go from there. I look forward to hearing from you!

2. Announcing WMD Western Movie Reviews
In our inbetween issues we'll provide an assortment of entertaining things, one of which is a new Movie Review department. Senior Editor, Christopher Robinson, leads the charge having already contributed one movie review some months ago. Without further ado, check it out: Click Here!

3. Announcing WMD's new 'Western Puzzle Section'
For those who hadn't noticed, WMD has it's own puzzle page where you'll be treated to any contrivance we can come up with. Senior Editor Christopher Robinson alreadyu treated WMD readers to a puzzle concerning famous Western actors and their horses. This week, WMD writer and co-founder Gary Miller offers one to puzzle you (if it were possible)! Check it out: Click Here!

4. Martin Grams' New Book

WMD Martin Grams has a new book coming out soon. Here's the skinny:

BOOK TITLE: The Lone Ranger: The Early Years, 1933 to 1937

AUTHORS: Terry Salomonson and Martin Grams, Jr.

DETAILS: Numerous books have been written about The Lone Ranger but none have created such a buzz in recent years than the announcement from Terry Salomonson and Martin Grams, Jr. of their latest collaboration, THE LONE RANGER: The Early Years, 1933 to 1937. Over four decades of accumulative research went into the production of this 800-page book, documenting the first five years of the long-running radio program. It was not until February 1938 that producer George W. Trendle commissioned recording on a regular basis. As a result, very little has been documented of the first five years. The true facts and details of the origin, including scans of archival documents will be presented for the first time. The book also includes plot summaries for almost all 800 radio broadcasts pre-dating February 1938, filling in a void most fans of THE LONE RANGER have been longing for.

Salomonson and Grams are co-authors of THE GREEN HORNET: A History of Radio, Motion Pictures, Comics and Television, published ten years ago, documenting the history of another popular franchise to originate from the Detroit radio station of WXYZ. Following publication, fans naturally assumed the authors would pull off the same comprehensive detail level for Trendle's other properties, THE LONE RANGER and SERGEANT PRESTON OF THE YUKON. The authors kept mum as they were presently reviewing and digitizing the last of 100,000+ telegrams, contracts, inter-office memos, cancelled checks, letters, correspondence, photographs, and other archival documents, and tracking down the last of the family relatives of radio actors, writers and directors to acquire information not found in other LONE RANGER reference books.

As the title suggests, three additional books are being completed in chronological order. THE LONE RANGER: The Early Years, 1933 to 1937, will be the first of the four. A Kickstarter will be launched soon to provide fans with an exclusive hardcover edition that will not be available elsewhere, as well as the standard paperback edition, along with two CDs of rare LONE RANGER recordings free with book pledges. Details to be provided soon.

Martin Grams,  WMD Writer

Martin Grams Jr. is the author and co-author of numerous books about old-time radio and retro television.

Winner of numerous awards in the Best Book categories, author of more than 100 magazine articles and co-author of the up-coming THE LONE RANGER: THE EARLY YEARS, 1933-1937.

To connect with Martin Grams via email: Click Here!

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