Sunday, May 31, 2020

WMD Promotes Carrie Aulenbacher and Christopher Robinson

In the life of every publication in growth mode, there comes a place where this growth spawns the need for a higher level of organization. It’s with that in mind that today, May 31st of 2020, that I make this announcement:
  • Carrie Aulenbacher is hereby promoted to the position of Managing Editor.

  • Christopher Robinson is hereby promoted to the position of Senior Editor.
Carrie Aulenbacher has a long history of writing books, mentoring other writers, and designing and maintaining excellent websites on the Internet. Her duties include editing our writer’s work, recruiting talent, and building and maintaining WMD’s Twitter feed on social media. She’s already performed an internal audit of WMD’s website and social media outreach and has been instrumental in making adjustments. Stay tuned, there’s more ahead. Learn more about her by reading her partner page on WMD: click here.

Christopher Robinson, creates interesting, realistic, and engaging copy in the pages of WMD. His history includes freelance writing, film production and he's performed camera work for documentaries and other concerns. His personal phone interview with the late James Drury, also known as the Virginian, took the form of two back-to-back articles, beginning on August 25th of 2019, and both part 1 and part 2 continue to interest readers. Learn more about Christopher through his partner page on this website: click here.

Allan B. Colombo, WMD Publisher

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