Friday, March 15, 2019

Frontier Times (1958, 1959, & 1960) Binder Collection

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The Frontier Times magazine is one of the most profoundly interesting document of a historical nature for those who are genuinely interested in the old west. Every issue is packed with untold stories about the old west, stories that came directly from those who lived it as well as those to whom these stories were told.

All 12 issues (three years worth) of magazines contained in this collection represent the foundation upon which this nation was formed. The authors bring to life within their tails of the old west the heart of what makes America great.

There are 12 issues included in this binder, which is included at no additional cost. The appraised prices are included below for each edition and we're applying a 25% discount. Included in this binder are the January 1958 issue through the Spring 1961 issue. Please note that the Winter 1960 issue is missing, so to make up the difference we've added the Spring 1961 issue).

Issue DatePrice (USD)
Spring 1958$15.00
Summer 1958$15.00
Fall 1958$10.00
Winter 1958$10.00
Spring 1959$20.00
Summer 1959$18.00
Fall 1959$9.00
Winter 1959$10.00
Spring 1960$18.00
Summer 1960$18.00
Fall 1960$18.00
Winter 1960MISSING
Spring 1961$16.00
25% DISCOUNT-$44.25

Price: $132.75

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Spring 1958
Summer 1958
Fall 1958

Winter 1958

Spring 1959
Summer 1959

Fall 1959

Winter 1959
Spring 1960

Summer 1960

Fall 1960
Winter 1960

Spring 1961

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