Saturday, September 8, 2018

Charles Bronson's Acting Career in Western Movies and TV

Charlese Bronson, well known for  his acting part in Death Wish and 89 other films also had a tremendous acting career performing parts in Western movies and a variety of television series. While many parts were single episodes in which Bronson appeared, there were many in which Charles took a leading role.

His career began in 1951 with a part in the movie You're in the  Navy Now and ended in 1999 with Family of Cops 3 (Wikipedia,

Here are a number of major movies and television programs that you are sure to recognize:

Vera Cruz (Movie: 1954)
Gun Smoke (Radio: 1952 to 1961, Television: 1955 to 1975)
Apache Kid in The Sheriff of Cochise (Television: 1956 to 1959)
An outlaw in Colt 45 (Television: 1957 to 1960)
5 episodes in Have Gun Will Travel (Television: 1957 to 1963)
He was one of The Magnificent Seven (Movie: 1960)
Guns of Diablo (Movie: 1965)
Once Upon a Time in the West (Movie: 1968)
Rider on the Rain (French Movie: 1970)
Breakheart Pass (Movie: 1975)
Break Out  (Movie: 1975)
The White Buffalo (Movie: 1977)

Charlie Bronson passed on August 30, 2003, pneumonia, lung cancer, and Alzheimer's, at 81 years old. Altogether, he appeared in 90 films.

Take some time to watch the following video on the life of Charles Bronson, and what a life if was!


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  2. For me, it's hard to imagine that Bronson is gone. I grew up watching him on the screen and I've always taken it for granted that he would always be there. It's sad to know he's no longer acting, no longer among us.


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